Alright, this piece was meant to be comedic which is why I’ve ignored the guys who have commented taking it too seriously. But in this case, I have to ask, what the hell kind of anal sex are you having that is messy? If you’re having messy anal sex, you’re doing it wrong. And also…really man, a bit of blood getting on the sheets vs dick in the butt. Plus there are 0 health benefits for a man wanting anal. Did you read the article? Those aren’t humorous satirical tidbits.


  1. Yes, this is a comedic piece and should be taken with a bag of salt. The fact that you can see it’s comedic and over-the-top and still take such an issue with the pond analogy is confusing me.
  2. A woman wanting period sex, in no universe, is the same as a man wanting anal. (Also, if you think anal is messy, you’re doing it wrong.) In your little rewrite there you conveniently skipped through the reasons why…which are medically proven reasons why period sex helps.
  3. I just responded because I wanted to tell you to stop having messy anal, but after reading your comment I got a bit annoyed because you said you understood this wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, but then took it more seriously than anyone else.
  4. Despite the comedic tone, I do believe that if the only reason a man won’t have period sex is because it is messy, he is just a shitty partner. To spell this out, the reason would be: The inconvenience of a mess is more important to him than helping his partner feel better. And I also say this above and yet I have men commenting whining about being nauseous. Well, then this wouldn’t be about him. I do not think the main point of this article is unfair, sexist, or disturbing. And either you missed that point, or you didn’t read the whole article.
  5. I can’t stress this enough…please stop having messy anal.

Columnist and author. My writing is like a bunch of people at a party trying to tell different jokes at the same time.

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