Hi Dan, I appreciate the response. Let me tackle these one at a time:

1. Yes, the test in South Korea costs 140, but only if you have no symptoms and have not recently visited an infected zone. If you have any symptoms or have been somewhere that is an infected zone, the test is free. (Covered by Korea’s nationalized healthcare system.)

2. Unlike the US, if you have the virus, everything that comes after is free. The medical care, quarantine, etc. It is all free. Not only that, the government pays any person who needs to quarantine or even those who don’t test positive but need to self-quarantine. This method means that people are not afraid of losing work. As well, it compensates employers for continuing to pay their sick employees.

3. This death rate you’ve mentioned is going to swing very violently, very soon. In fact, since you’ve posted this, it already has. And if you look at the recovery to death rate, the US is lagging far behind. As those cases start to close, this 1.4% you’re talking about is going to change.

4. I am not learning this from “fake news.” If you read the update, you’ll see that I know people firsthand who have been advised by doctors to quarantine because they may or may not have it but there weren’t any tests. Then I just got word yesterday that she has finally been tested but won’t hear about the results for 5–6 business days.

5. While the US has finally set up a few drive-thru clinics, South Korea now has walk-through ones.

6. The US just passed China and is now leading the world in cases. That doesn’t sound like people are following the guidelines.

7. Yes, this article was written in early March and published on the 16th and now featured because it is still relevant. The main point is that even if the US is acting now, it is too late. I have been on paid leave for over a month. The US did not respond in time and now this curve that “will be flattened.” It is too late.

8. Please, look at the facts. Look at the numbers. Look at other countries. Cut out the politics and pay attention. The president downplayed this situation and didn’t respond when he should have. While even Me, a freaking nobody in an apartment in South Korea knew what was coming and was trying to tell people. There was news, there were warnings, there was no reason for people to be getting sick and dying the way they are and it is because people listened to the president rather than the so-called “fake news”

9. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence I did not put in this piece because that isn’t proper but I have friends in the medical community — nurses and doctors who are scared right now. Please, find them and ask them how they feel about the bang-up job the US has been doing “flattening the curve.”

If people keep bickering over fake news and following party lines instead of listening to numbers and medical professionals, they are responsible for the deaths that are coming.

Columnist and author. My writing is like a bunch of people at a party trying to tell different jokes at the same time. benjamindavis.substack.com

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