Hi Eileen,

Thank you very much for writing this. I plan to start applying to MFA programs this year and I have an issue that you’ve addressed, but the solutions you’ve presented don’t work in my case. I have been out of school for almost ten years and I haven’t lived in America for the past six. The last time I visited home I went to my most recent University and tried to get the contact information for some old writing professors. I went to five different universities so I never had long-standing relationships with any professors. (When I was younger I only ever saw other-sides and they were always so green.) After going through three department heads, two large binders, and thirty minutes trolling LinkedIn with a nice lady in the English department, I was left with only the phone number of some other department head who “might be able to help me.” I’ve tried to contact two other professors on social media as well, but haven’t gotten responses. I cannot take any classes now because I live in Russia. I have a very large body of work and a published novella. I spent a year working as a journalist for a single publication before moving into freelance and I could likely get a letter from their Chief Editor, or perhaps from the publisher of my book. Would that work? Do you have any ideas on who else I could ask that might be appropriate?

Thank you again for taking the time to write this article, it helped me a lot.



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