Hi Mary,

I wish I was in your area. My issue is that I live outside of America and often I don’t speak the same language as the person giving me a massage. Like in this scenario I later learned that the man I went to a massage with is for really intense injury recovery. Andrey knew about him because of his uncle who had been in a car accident. I didn’t know this and thought I was just going for a massage. I get a sports massage once a week here (Korea) from a massage place that is really good but I have trouble communicating.

It’s funny you mention the piriformis. That is my huge problem right now. For six months I have had a problem there. I went to acupuncture, got steroid injections, went to a chiropractor, got medication, yoga, etc and still it hurts as soon as I sit for more than 2 hours. It is driving me mad, I can’t seem to shake it. I don’t really know how to find a specialist here or someone who can do deep tissue work on it but I am getting pretty desperate to get over it because as someone who works a lot sitting at a computer it is very aggravating to be in pain all of the time like this and I don’t want to take pills.

My mother has a massage therapist back in the states who she has a really good relationship with like you’ve said. I feel like I need something like that for how often I get tweaks from always being hunched over a computer. Do you have any advice on how I might be able to shake this piriformis injury on my own (that is what the doctor said it was. a spasming muscle that puts pressure on my sciatic nerve.) I am will to try anything haha. If the Russian man from this story were in Korea I’d even go to him and I swore up and down I’d never do a massage like that again, but I’ve been driven to desperate now. I have foam rollers and massage balls that I use sometimes that relieves the pressure a bit and just finished a cycle of muscle relaxants and pain kills and still! AH! It’s driving me more insane than I already am haha.

Either way I am very glad you like the story and if I am ever in your area I will be there, day 1.

Columnist and author. My writing is like a bunch of people at a party trying to tell different jokes at the same time. benjamindavis.substack.com

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