I am 100% in agreement that no one should have sex if they don’t want to. I just wrote a piece about that. My point with this one was quite simple and I think it might have been obscured by the over-the-top comedic way I put it. I have had a lot of men I’ve met in my life say that period sex is gross or women who tell me their partner won’t have period sex because of the mess. And the main point of this piece was focused on that and that alone, not on the many many other reasons someone might not want to have sex at one time or another. And especially because sex does alleviate discomfort for women on their periods. I understand how this piece could have been taken the wrong way by men. If you read my other writing I often write borderline comedy where I am making a point but being hyperbolic to make that point and if that point gets lost then it comes out all wrong to people. There are always comments of people taking my work too seriously because any point that anyone makes these days has a thousand “buts” and nuances that can’t be covered in a single article. Thank you for sticking around to discuss it. Most people just shout something rude and peace out.

Columnist and author. My writing is like a bunch of people at a party trying to tell different jokes at the same time. benjamindavis.substack.com

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